FAQ: Where did the name come from?

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 in 2014, FAQ

At our shows, studio visits, and interviews  we are asked many questions surrounding the nature of our collaboration. We generally keep an open book policy regarding our process and would like to begin shedding some light around some frequently asked questions. One of the most common inquiry we receive is about where our collaborative title GENTLEMAN’S GAME came from. So here’s the story…

We have been working side by side in our studio in Long Island City since 2008. On 11.11.11 we had a two person show Identity Crisis that featured our individual work and a wall of over 50 collaborative works which we had long waited for the opportunity to investigate and produce. What we had discovered by being both the participant and observer in this turn by turn process was that it elevated our individual practice and challenged each of us in ways which we had not seen in our solo works.  Similarly prevalent amongst musicians that work together, we found the artistic process exciting and opened the gates for “happy accidents” that extended beyond just the material.


View from the street @ 57 Stanton Street for opening night of Identity Crisis 11.11.11

Thus, we created an image for that show that represented this back and forth… an Art Game of Chess… depicting two figures from our individual series at the time, actively peering over the line up of chess pieces from across the table. This painting Gentleman’s Game was conceived as a metaphor for the turn by turn mark making that we’ve employed in our latest work and naturally became our title for work we would create as a duo from that point on.


Gentleman’s Game

Imprinted Acrylic &
Mixed Media on Canvas
54″ x 68″